Monday, March 16, 2009

Flipping the Weight Loss Switch Monday Part 6 (Your Kids)

So now the cold, hard truth. I’m teaching my kids to eat crappy. Don’t get me wrong: they eat plenty of veggies and could practically live on fruit. But I use sweets as rewards and we ALL eat sugar when Mommy is feeling stressed.

Why do I put out apple slices and carrot sticks for the kids to munch on all day, yet I grab a cookie or Bagelful when I go to sit down to nurse? No wonder my blood sugar levels are probably all over the place (as evidenced by my moodiness).

Even skinny chicks struggle with weight … keeping it off or else for, say, an anorexic person, they might need Weight Watchers to make sure they are eating ENOUGH food.

But I digress, as I will do when I’m winding down on a topic. Where was I?

Oh, yeah, KIDS. So I’m working hard to plan meals ahead of time so I’m not scrambling last minute for something that turns out to be bad for us. It’s Lenten season, too, so I have to think about Fish Fridays … fish is healthy, right?!

So it’s pretty obvious that the less you keep chocolate and junk in your house, the less it will be eaten. For instance, I can’t keep soda or chips in the house or we’d all weigh about 500 pounds. I try to make sure I always have baby carrots and lots of fruit in the house. When I make Jell-O, I throw in a can of fruit. They drink a lot more water these days instead of lugging Capri Suns everywhere we go. Get your kid his or her own water bottle and watch them drink like a fish.

Good luck in your weight loss ventures. Mine is currently staying the same, although I’m growing a human being. I swear that Vitamin B-12 helps me have no morning sickness, little fatigue AND must be great for my metabolism. Have I found the new Wonder Drug?

If you’re preggy and feeling pukey, do me a favor and give B-12 a chance and report back to me!