Monday, March 9, 2009

Flipping the Weight Loss Switch Monday Part 5 (Influences and Fears)

Are you afraid to lose weight because some of your friends are overweight? Are you afraid you won’t have the bond you once had with them once you are skinny and can’t sit around eating nachos and chocolate chip cookies with them?

My friend Smoosh and I still have a bond, even though she always declined my nasty food offers. I never tried to push bad food on her and respected that she was trying to stay thin.

I would like to apologize to my mom when I was or am a bad influence on her Weight Watchers efforts and promise to be more cognizant of her feelings when I bring bad food around or offer to spring for McDonald’s.

In addition to worrying about how your friends will receive you if you get skinny, here are some other common fears:

-- I’ll be a Fat Snob and look down on anyone who is a tiny bit overweight (e.g., “If I could lose weight, why aren’t THEY?”)

-- If I lose a bunch of weight, my boobs will look like pancakes on my chest. As long as I stay overweight, at least they will SEEM a little fuller.

-- I might draw too much attention from other men, which makes me uncomfortable (or else makes me feel a little TOO good about myself). My mom and I call this being “drunk on skinny” … you get all giddy and goofy because you are in control of your eating and are getting more attention because you’ve lost weight. As a result, you do things you might not ordinarily do that you are ashamed of later.

-- I’m afraid I’ll dress slutty because I’ll have a better body. This isn’t much of a concern for me since they don’t make many slutty maternity or nursing clothes. Hey, a new business opportunity for someone!

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  1. I'll ALWAYS eat your NASTY cakes!
    I don't ALWAYS decline your goodies-remember that time you made up a recipe for coffee choc chip cookies or whatever they were? I kept sneaking into your kitchen that day and ate TONS of dough!

  2. wow...were you peeking in my head again????? Some of my fears are the "boobs, "drunk", and dress slutty. So glad to know these thoughts have crossed others minds!

    p.s. Stop by and give me your Theme Song!


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