Saturday, January 3, 2009

When Is the Santa Jig Up? Part Deux

More on the farce that is Santa.

I personally pretended to believe in him until I was about 13 years old, but I was an only child.

A few years ago Joel noticed that Santa had wrapped presents in the same wrapping paper that Mommy and Daddy have. Crap! So I told him Santa sometimes has to wrap things when he gets to a kid’s house.

Now we TRY to have separate “Santa” paper from regular paper, but it gets confusing dealing with THAT while also trying to keep 4 kids fed, watered, alive, occupied, educated and clean (my mom will argue with me on the “clean” point).

We usually frantically wrap gifts the night before Christmas. It stinks. Or else I hand off duties to my husband and assume he knows what’s up even though he hasn’t been around. Poor guy. This year I got my crap together and snuck downstairs and wrapped stuff BEFORE the 24th … yeah, me!

How about some humorous stories or tips?