Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The First Years Sippy Cups

My splurge at Target last week: Hefty Zoo Pals Cups and Lids. You get 14 8-ounce cups for $2. They’re extremely disposable and kinda small for my crowd. Kinda flimsy (like a thin film of Styrofoam over paper). It’s hard to get lid on tight without two hands, which not all of us have all the time.

I think I’ll stick with The First Years “disposable” cups and lids, which are hard plastic, go in the dishwasher and hold 10 ounces. They are more expensive, but they last forever. Problem: you have to buy lids as often as your kid chews on them and ruins them, but they still aren’t a bad deal. I love these because I don’t have to also keep track of a rubber stopper like I have to with regular sippy cups.

AND The First Years cups hold soda without exploding or leaking (as long as your kid doesn’t BLOW into them, God help me, because then you have a true fountain drink on your hands).