Friday, January 23, 2009

Facebook Love

Back in August I blogged about MySpace versus Facebook.

Since then some stuff has happened on Facebook. Allow me to share …

First of all, I contacted someone from junior high and apologized for being a jerk to her and prank-calling her all summer when we were, like 14 years old. She didn’t even really remember and has since moved to Italy.

Right after that, Jen contacts me to apologize for being a jerk to ME in junior high. I barely remembered that, so I let her off the hook. I do remember she always had the latest Sweet Valley High books, that b****. Anyway, we’ve been emailing and are going to meet up soon … she loves chocolate and coffee and has big boobs, so I love her for sure. A warning to you, Jen: someday I’ll go back and re-read my diaries from that time and you can bet your sweet butt I’ll be posting on this blog if I find anything about you in my diaries!

Finally, I want to let everyone know that Facebook is NOT just for kids and teens and college people. I’m thinking my oldest Facebook friend is over 60 (an ex-boyfriend, if you can believe it, and that is a story for another day!!!). It’s neat to find people my parents used to hang out with and connect with them. I love finding people I used to work with, go to school with, go dancing with, be naughty with. I love knowing in a second what my cousins are up to. I enjoy seeing pictures of my friends and their kids without having said pictures choke my e-mail in-box.

And the person who got me into Facebook in the first place isn’t even on it anymore.

I love you, all my Facebook Friends (but stop sending me Pokes and Flowers and requests because I just delete all that stuff)!!!!!


  1. I love both FB and MySpace. But, I'm with you on the pokes and all that stuff - I just hit the delete button!

  2. I did myspace for years and was totally against facebook, til I signed up and it's way better than myspace!

    PS tag

  3. I like Facebook too but I haven't been on it that much lately. I'm not sure I want to be in contact with some people I knew back in elementary school or junior high...heehee!! Although I am guilty of looking up a few ex-boyfriends on Facebook just so I could see their profile picture to see what they look like now!!


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