Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jesus Shops at Hobby Lobby

(This is a second-hand story, so it’ll be like one of those Geiko celebrity reenactment commercials)

Recently my good friend EK went to Hobby Lobby. She was looking for a basket to put her Christmas cards in and wanted a nice blue (go, Duke!) bow for it. She couldn’t find exactly what she wanted, so she went to the Help area to see if someone there could tie a bow for her basket using the ribbon she had found.

They told her they don’t perform that service anymore.

Defeated, downtrodden, broken, crushed, head hanging down and tears falling from her eyes … what was our heroine to do? She NEEDED that bow on that basket but certainly was not able to tie it herself.

Then a 50-year-old female shopper happened upon the tragic scene.

Shopper: “You need a bow tied? I can do that for you.”

EK was so happy she almost cried. “Thank you, thank you, most generous woman. May I name my first born after you?”

Shopper: “Uh, sure, lady. But you might wanna rethink that. My name is Melba.”

EK: “Why, that is PERFECT. My new husband has been eating loads of melba toast lately. I shall name my firstborn Melba Toast in honor of your kindness.”

The moral of the story is that God is everywhere, just looking for a way to help us with matters both large and small. (But we’ll call that woman “Jesus” since it’s almost His birthday and all that.)

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