Sunday, December 21, 2008

Googlebot Searches That Lead to My Blog

Dawn over at Because I Said So does this, so I’m gonna copy her.

Consider this an early Christmas present from me: the gift of you knowing you are normal!

Here are some interesting Internet (Google and otherwise) searches that landed readers here:

“freaky things to do in bed”
What’s possibly more disturbing is that either more than one person is searching this or the same person keeps coming back over and over.

“NFP and the wedding night”
Glad to be of service on the Natural Family Planning front. Use it. Love it. It works.

“Nighttime wetting”
Yep, we’ve all done it and probably will again someday.

“Primerica IRA”
Hate them. No secret.

“Deep questions for online friends”
Sorry to disappoint on this one. I really just want to know why Caillou has no hair. Anyone?

“Where can I hide my diapers from my friends?”
Tresa wrote a comment once about me hiding money in my diaper pail, but otherwise I don’t need to hide my diapers from my friends. I’m not TOO worried that they will steal them.

“Extra breasts”
Shouldn’t you be searching for “plastic surgery” instead?

“spanking and Roman Catholic confession”
Sounds like a personal issue in need of therapy to me. I was just writing a clean Thanksgiving post.

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