Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Duggars

When I think of the Duggar Family, a Pink Floyd song comes to mind and I change it to say, “Hey. People. Leave them Duggars alone.”

They are not in debt. They are not on welfare. They are not on food stamps. We are not paying for their health insurance or their daycare with our taxes. They are not taking tuition assistance to send their kids to a private school.

They seem to be raising some pretty cool kids who know the value of a dollar, who aren’t ashamed to shop at a thrift store whether they have a ton of money or not, who value human beings over STUFF.

So instead of bitching about these amazing people, why not gripe about the able-bodied people who are sucking on the government boob full-time? The people who are neglecting their kids: the 4-year-old girl I came across at the park ALONE. And this happens often in my world.

Do you have any idea how many kids I could have right now if I made off with all the ones I came across who are neglected (don’t get me started on people who have to be on cell phones and laptops instead of playing with their ONE measly kid at the McDonald’s Playland)? I could fill a mansion.

So get off my Duggars!


  1. The Duggars are the best as it gets as family is concerned. I think those who are planning their families should buy their latest book to learn how to raise a proper famikly.

  2. Who are the Duggers anyway? Interesting post. Why would someone let their four-year-old child play at the park alone! How awful!

  3. I must admit that they bug me, I don't know why as I am all for big families (I would have more kids if I could afford it) and all but something bugs me. I just don't watch their shows or anything, I just don't even pay attention to them.

    Very good point though, if everyone would just pay attention to their own children we would be so much better off!!!! I see the neglect thing all of the time too and my heart aches for those kids, then there is our family, some may say we have too much time together-oh well!


  4. I just love the Duggars! You can really feel the love radiating from that family!


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