Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Animals in Strollers and At Work

So you already know I have a “problem” (meaning I don’t really care all that much because it doesn’t hurt me none) with animals in strollers. But what about kids who are, like, TEN years old in strollers?

I don’t even want to get into the whole pacifier-at-age-four thing OR the nursing kids til they are 47 months old because I personally sucked my thumb until the double line showed up on my pregnancy test when I was 29.

I’m talking about consistently seeing older kids who can’t walk-and-rest like the rest of us. Most of the time my head is up my butt, so the reason I even NOTICE these kids is because they are usually having a full-on hissy fit of some variety. Hmmm, don’t act like a baby, kid, yet sit in a stroller til you move out of the house.

And what’s the deal with my “dependent” kids being insured on my medical policy until they are 25 years old? Does “dependent” mean they live at home or that I am footing the bill for their whole life OUTSIDE of my home (college, parties, transportation)?

First of all, no wonder insurance is so expensive if a kid is a kid for 7 years longer than it used to be. Second, why are we trying to get our child through their Master’s degree before kicking them out of the house, off the boob, and off insurance? Get a job like I had to, child! Starbuck’s offers insurance!

So we are taking care of our kids until they are a third of the way through their life, yet at the same time letting our daughters wear short-shorts with words like “princess” and “hot” on their ass. Oh, and they get cell phones, unlimited Internet access, cable TV in their bedrooms and $100 portable video game machines when they are like five years old now. Good Lord, how confusing is that?

And don’t even TALK to me about how I nurse too long or how I smother my kids by homeschooling them. We are ALL guilty in some way, no?


  1. Firstly babe, I think as a parent, you rock. Your kids will know true mother's love and that can carry you far in life.

    As for home schooling? As long as your kids know how to be social, it's all good. You are a stay at home mom and that is in "the job" package if you see fit to do it. My best friend Claudia home schools and her kids are leaps and bounds ahead of any public school kid.

    I agree with kids in strollers. You are encouraging behavior that will lead to seriously obese children incapable of getting out of the fat cycle.

    I say AMEN to you babe. Keep doing what you do.

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