Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Birthday to Aron/Woodworking Projects

Today my super-sweet and hot husband turns 42. So I’m doing a tribute to his woodworking skills. Of course, if you see a piece you like, he can make it for you. The TV stand, for instance, would retail for about $500. It even has adjustable shelves and slam-proof doors. Callie told him, “Oooh. This furniture here is beautiful.”

No, I’m serious. You should see how much love and time and energy and perfection he puts in to each piece. I wish to God I had that kind of dedication to something. As you can tell from my recent typos (which my parents and cousin Zee tell me about) in this blog, I’m kind of in a hurry to pop out my opinions and move on to the next 463 things on my list.

Here’s a shelf he whipped out so I could put things by the door so I wouldn’t forget them (like the kids ... haha):

This isn’t actually woodworking but shows how cool he is; on two levels he put double banisters so shortie kids can use a handrail going up and down stairs.

And here’s one of his two speaker stands, which are a bitch to dust:

Here's the cool table he made for me:

And a neat-o set of end tables, one of which is below for your viewing pleasure

And, of course, the deck, which he designed and built himself (with some help from friends, brothers and dads). Oops, never mind on the photo of that one. Don’t need more stalkers coming around.

He also cooks, cleans, dances, fixes plumbing and electrical stuff and works on my car. And never forgets a holiday or special occasion. And lets the kids put mud footprints on the ceiling.

And NO, you can’t have him or even rent him. HANDS OFF. (This little rant doesn’t apply to his cousins who read the blog cuz that would be just gross.)