Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Kid Quotes

8/21/08 Joel called Michael “diarrhea” and Michael called him … “DUMBarrhea”

June 2008 Callie (age 3), handing me her too-small paper diaper, “Um, Mommy. This does not work on my body.”

September 1 quotes …
Joel, age 7: “Michael, I’m God and you’re the Devil and I’m gonna boot you out of Heaven.”

Michael, age 5: “If you want to know how to spell cinnamon why dontcha get yourselves killed so you can ask God?” Well, that’s ONE way.

Callie, age 3: “And no trains did run over us. Did you think a train did run overed us?”

Eva, age 8 months: “Ma. Da.”

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