Friday, September 19, 2008

Lonely Travel Widows?

The neighbor who reports everyone to The City (no, I’m not going to call her the Lawn Nazi) just told me she imagines I get lonely down here in my house all day with the kids.

This woman has the cutest tiny dog, and Callie sprints from the house to go pet it when they walk by. So I have to follow to make sure she’s fine or else The Woman will report me not only to The City but also to The State. She already has expressed concern that my kids are going to randomly run into the street, even though I am always out front with them.

I told her every day is so different and we are so busy and usually on-the-go that lonely doesn’t occur to me when Aron’s in town. Six o’clock usually comes too fast … and I realize HOLY CRAP I’d better get something cooking for dinner!

Lonely? Not really. Some nights when Aron was traveling and the kids were happy in front of the TV-sitter (thanks for that cute phrase, Miss Chris), I would feel a little lonely, but it was nothing a game of Chuzzle and a trip to Pepperidge Farm wouldn’t cure.