Friday, August 15, 2008

I Got My Baby Back!!!

No, I’m not talking about my husband. Or any of my children.

I’m talking about my Canon Powershot G7, which was in Illinois for the last week getting some digital therapy and has been broken since mid-June.

I’m thinking Aron mistreated it. He took it to Phoenix one week, then it worked for our Branson vacation, and then it just would not turn on.

The first picture I took since getting it back was of all 4 kids sacked out in bed this morning. My digital baby took a picture of my OTHER 4 babies. And if I could find the cord to download pix onto my computer, I’d pop a shot of it in here (by the way, sorry about not being able to leave comments; I’m working on that problem).

One weird thing: the camera whines like a dying baby seal when it tries to focus.

A few days of carrying it in the sling close to my body ought to fix that problem. HA!


  1. woo hoo for fixed comments! ::high five::

  2. if i come home and find you in bed with the powershot it's history

    p.s. a few days of carring my in your sling next to your body would take care of me as well.


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