Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Home from Phoenix

Whew. That was a sigh of relief. It is good to be home! Messy, dirty, papers-everywhere, disorganized, man-my-kids-hoard-a-lot-of-stuff, huge-compared-to-a-two-room-suite HOME.

Saturday’s drive was perilous. On a curvy mountain pass, I saw something ahead of me in my lane and was just going to run it over. THANK GOD I was able to switch lanes without running anyone off the road because the object was a metal ladder … laying crosswise.

Later, I was sitting in the back reading Harry Potter #4 to the kids and heard an expletive come out of my husband, who does not generally cuss. He also swerved over to the left. I looked to the right and saw an RV alongside us, and its front wheels were wobbling. The driver was barely keeping the thing on the road. THANK GOD my Speed Racer husband was able to outrun the RV and get away from it.

Our Homewood Suites in Amarillo, Texas stunk like cow manure, but we got to see prairie dogs again alongside the road.

Hey, who thinks hotels should be going "green"? Man, they waste a lot of stuff, but I'll get into that later ...

Now let's get in our time machine and fast forward to 2022. How I wish I'd had a POGO Pass when I was in Phoenix with my kids! We could have done all sorts of things for one low price using the pass! You can get one for Phoenix by clicking here to use my referral code and a discount. You can also get one for Dallas and Kansas City. Oh, and Las Vegas!