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10 Types of Sandal


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Summer is sandal season. But just what type of sandals should you wear? There are many different types of sandals for different types of occasion. This post delves into 10 common types of sandal.

Flip flops

Flip flops are the most popular type of sandal. They consist of a simple flat sole and y-shaped strap called a toe thong that sits between the big toe and second toe. Flip flops are great for protecting your feet from the hot sand at the beach or preventing you slipping near the poolside. Due to their flippy-floppy nature, they’re less suited to long walks where they may get uncomfortable. 


Sliders are one of the comfortable sandals. They consist of a flat sole and single wide strap over the top of the foot which you literally ‘slide’ your foot into. Compared to flip-flops, they’re also easier to walk in  - you can wear them at the pool or walk around town in them.

Strappy sandals

These sandals typically have added straps around the ankle or top of the foot, which are usually fastened with buckles. This extra support makes them better suited for walking in for long periods. Some strap styles are fairly casual, while others are more elegant and dressy. 

Slingback sandals

Slingback sandals feature an extra sling around the back of the foot to stop them coming off. As with strappy sandals, they’re suitable for walking long distances because of this extra strap, and can come in casual and formal styles.

Gladiator sandals

Styled after the shoes that gladiators wore, these sandals contain multiple straps along the top of the foot and straps around the ankle. Some have added straps that go up to the knees. Their bohemian look makes them ideal for festivals. Just be wary that they’re not the easiest sandals to get on. 


The classic Birkenstock looks a bit like a slider but with two straps that can be fastened up. Manufactured by the brand Birkenstock, these shoes have been imitated by many other brands over the years. They’re practical sandals for everyday wear that go well with all kinds of clothing from jeans to summer dresses.

Hiking sandals

As the name suggests, these are the best sandals for hiking. Their thick grippy soles help with scrambling, while their padded fastenable straps keep them secure and comfortable on a long walk. An ideal alternative to hiking boots when you want to keep your feet cool. 

Heeled sandals

Some sandals have a raised heel for added height. These are typically not everyday sandals and are better suited for events like nights out or weddings when you don’t want to wear closed off heels. 

Wedge sandals

Wedge sandals have a thicker and wider raised heel that can make them easier to walk in - especially on more uneven terrain like cobblestones or gravel. They are formal, but some have a more casual look. 

Platform sandals

Platform sandals have flat thick soles. This gives them height without putting as much pressure on the ankles, knees and hips as heels or wedges. If you find heels or wedges hard to walk in, they’re a good alternative.

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