Friday, September 23, 2022

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Phuket


Thailand is a magical country with a rich culture, glorious homemade street

food, friendly people, and great national pride. A crown in the royal lineup of

Southeast Asia. Phuket is the tourist jewel in that crown. Millions of people

from all over the world come to visit this beautiful land.

If you like a tropical paradise while on holiday, you’re in luck! With its

beautiful beaches, water sports, hiking, adventure activities, world-class

restaurants, cafes, and bars there is no shortage of things for everyone’s

interest. Here are some reasons why Phuket is at the top of the list.

Private luxury villas

One of the many reasons to visit Phuket is the world-class luxury hotels and

villas. A villa in Phuket is an experience all its own. The level of service and

the standards of luxury are on par with places like Monaco or Maldives.

Imagine your own private Villa with stunning views of the ocean out of your

window. Step onto the terrace and take a morning dip in your private pool.

Then have breakfast prepared by a private chef with all your friends on the

beautiful outdoor terrace. It’s like something from a dream.

Beaches for everyone

Known for its many pristine beaches with white sand and clear blue

waters, Phuket has so much to experience. Just one visit is not enough

to really soak in the culture and see all the sights. Long stretches of

beach and clean water welcome return visitors every year. Patong

Beach is quite lively, with plenty of beach bars and restaurants to visit

and enjoy an energetic night out. If a secluded area sounds like your

speed then any beach in the south is more your style. 

Amazing local food

One of the most recognizable cuisines, Thai food is known for its

intense flavor and multiple elements. Phuket is the ideal location

for authentic homemade local street food. Seafood and spice are

this region’s specialties. A spicy noodle dish or a coconut-flavored

curry can help beat the heat and nourish the soul. One can never be

hungry here.

Dance the night away

If a wild night out is what you’re after, then Phuket has that too. Just

follow the music down Bangla Road. Many bars, nightclubs, and

restaurants are there to greet you with upbeat and welcoming music.

The prices are unbeatable compared to Western standards. If you’re

looking for a more high-class establishment, then head further down

the coast where the elevated cocktail lounges reside. There is a drink

for every taste here in Phuket.

A rich culture to be experienced 

Phuket is the gilded frame to showcase Thailand's rich culture. The big

Buddha or Wat (temple) Chalong are must-see cultural attractions one

can only find in Phuket.

There are also great museums to learn more about the culture and the

language. Phuket Mining Museum and Thalang National Museum are

a couple of recommended spots to expand your mind.

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