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How to Choose Toys for Toddlers

Children learn by doing as they explore the world around them. By taking part in play, your child will have the opportunity to evolve and improve her skills at her own pace while following her own unique interests. Playthings and toys that a child has available to them can play a pivotal role in shaping their development.

Choosing toys for a toddler may seem as easy as 1-2-3. In reality, it's not as easy as it seems, while walking into a toy store nowadays, the only thing that's easier is feeling overwhelmed and disoriented. Toddlers have a wide selection of toys available. Which ones are best for your child? Where can you find high-quality toys? Can you think of anything that will keep your child's interest for a longer period of time? Well, top-quality toystores, such as Loomey’s Toys, are your answer! 

Choosing Toys for Toddlers

Make sure the toys your child plays with will grow with them.

It is common for children to play with toys for two days and then never touch them again after they have been bought. To prevent this, you should look for toys that can be fun at different stages of development. Young children can make a shoebox house for small plastic animals, while older children can use them as props for making up stories.

Your child should play with toys that spark their imaginations.

Your child's creativity takes off in his third year when he becomes able to assume other roles (like that of a king) and see things differently (like a block being a piece of cake). You should choose toys that will help your child develop and tell stories. Literacy, language, and problem-solving skills are developed through pretend play, as well as sequencing skills (in the logical order of events).

Toys that promote physical activity are the best choice.

As toddlers get stronger and more confident with their bodies, they do all sorts of physical tricks. Become an appreciative audience for your child's newest accomplishment on the playground! Your child should play with toys that practice his or her physical skills and help him or her develop new ones.

Image by Esi Grünhagen from Pixabay 

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