Monday, April 25, 2022

What Are Wheelchair Vans?

 This article explains the differences between rear entry and side entry wheelchair vans, the benefits and disadvantages of side entry, the cost of a wheelchair van conversion, and the most common conversion brands. Before making a purchase, you should know what to expect before you make your decision. This article will also help you understand which type of wheelchair van to buy. Then, you can decide on its style, features, and options based on your individual needs.

Side-entry wheelchair vans

The most popular type of wheelchair van conversion today is a side-entry wheelchair van. The benefits of this type of conversion include easy access, a spacious cabin, and the ability to drive the vehicle from a wheelchair. Aside from ease of use, side-entry wheelchair vans are more convenient to maintain than other types of conversions because they don't require any electronics or moving parts. A side-entry wheelchair van can also be purchased with power or manual fold-out ramp systems.

The CompanionVan Plus XT is the highest-quality side-entry wheelchair van available. This van offers the same accessibility features as other BraunAbility vehicles. It has a sleek exterior and impressive interior options, including an automatic kneeling system and a low-profile sliding door. With a lowered floor from the rear passenger seat to the rear center seat, this van has a 55-inch rear center wheelchair securement position. This van also includes an optional tie-down track and belt system to ensure the wheelchair is properly secured.

Lift technology

A wheelchair lift is a vehicle accessory that lowers a wheelchair platform to the ground. The platform can be folded and is operated from the driver's seat. This feature allows other vehicle occupants to enter and exit the van without having to get out. A wheelchair lift is not compliant for commercial use without this device. A pressure limit switch is a crucial safety feature. In addition, the lift's weight limit is lower, and the platform does not provide the same stability as dual post lifts. Single arm lifts also change the aesthetics of the van and have a lower weight limit.

The most common wheelchair lift available for wheelchair vans is the Braun Millennium. This product is considered the "gold standard" when it comes to wheelchair lifts. It's easy to operate, and remarkably durable. However, you should make sure you have your lift inspected regularly to avoid any mechanical problems or wear and tear. ADA-compliant wheelchair vans should also be equipped with this technology. Using a wheelchair lift is an excellent way to ensure your van meets your needs.

Cost of a wheelchair van conversion

The cost of a wheelchair van conversion is determined by several factors. There are many ways to save money on a wheelchair van conversion. Rear-entry wheelchair vans have lowered areas in the rear with a fold-out ramp. These conversions are cheaper than side-entry wheelchair vans and require little to no extra maintenance. Rear-entry wheelchair vans are great for families with one child in a wheelchair because they can easily fit into the van and be parked without adding extra space to the vehicle. However, rear-entry wheelchair vans are not ideal for families with several children.

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