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Top 9 Ways to Look After your Hearing and Ear Health


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Do you know the implications of damaged hearing? Once damaged, it is not possible to reverse. It is essential to be aware of the problems related to hearing loss. And it’s advisable to plan for early diagnosis and the options available for hearing solutions.

Please do not delay to start taking care of your ears. Continue reading to know about the top nine ways to protect your hearing health.

Use Earplugs around Noisy Places

More than 10% of people with hearing loss will testify that it was due to the working environment. Some of the other contributing areas are concerts, clubs, use of chainsaws or lawnmowers. When you need to shout to the person next to you, it can be a dangerous environment and can damage your ears.

The best and effective way to avoid such issues is to use earplugs since they are convenient and affordable. You can even procure a pair of custom-made earplugs from a hearing healthcare provider. Musicians have custom earplugs that filter harmful music levels and allow for regular conversations.

Wear Hearing Protection

In case you are in a place with harmful noise, it is advisable to look for hearing protection. There are different types to reduce noise, and you can learn more here. You can also wear them at home, especially when handling chores in a noisy area. When you are at home, it is advisable always to lower the volume. The World Health Organization stated that more teenagers and young adults have a higher risk of hearing loss. The leading cause of that is the improper use of audio devices.

If you have to listen to music through headphones or earbuds, always follow the 60/60 rule to protect your ears. Do not listen for more than 60 minutes per day and should be up to 60% volume. Earbuds are dangerous since they are directly next to the eardrum. Any music can be harmful, not just using headphones. When hosting a social event, keep the volume low for your guests to hold a conversation.

Your Ears Need to Recover

After attending a concert, you need to let your ears rest and recover. It would be best if you stepped outside often to rest. Experts advice that you need about 16 hours of rest after one loud night.

Do not Use Cotton Swab for your Ears

Remember that it is not a great idea to use cotton swabs to clean wax out of the ear canal; since it is a self-cleaning organ, it can perform that work. The wax’s function is to stop harmful particles like dust to get into the ear. When you insert the cotton swabs, it will affect the eardrum. In case of excess wax, gently clean with a damp towel or as advised by a physician; additionally, you can seek professional help and care.

Take Your Medications as Directed

Some of the harmful medications include anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen. Have a discussion with your doctor about the right medication and take it as per the directions given.

Remember that Your Ears Need to be Dry

When you have excess water, it allows bacteria to attack the ear canal. Some of the ear infections include swimmer’s ear, and it is dangerous for your ears. After swimming or showering, you need to towel-dry your ear. You can use custom-fit earplugs to block any water into the ear canal.

Get Some Exercise

Cardio exercises such as running, cycling, and walking helps by pumping blood to the other parts of the body such as the ears. It enables the different parts to be healthy and work well. When cycling, always wear a helmet; if you fall, you will avoid a concussion that can affect your hearing.

Stress Management

With stress and anxiety, it can affect your hearing capability. When you are stressed, your body is affected, and adrenaline production helps fight any danger or infection. This process will put pressure on the body's flow, nerves, and body heat. When the pressure and stress travel to the inner ear, it brings about tinnitus symptoms.

Regular Checkups

Visit your physician and book hearing screenings and regular checkups. Hearing loss happens gradually hence the need for annual consultations with a healthcare professional. When you take the precaution, it becomes easier to know the action to take in any future problems.


It would help if you took care of your ears. This is because if it’s not done the right way, it will affect your health. You will be safe from health concerns such as heart disease, dementia, and depression. Start by visiting your healthcare provider and book an appointment.

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