Friday, December 4, 2020

House Maintenance And Loving Your Home: A Simple Definition



Maintaining your home and giving it some love is a form of valuing yourself. By respecting your home, you create a place of solace and a haven of change.

You make a start on beautifying your home by following some of these simple but effective ideas - from doing a winter garden tidy to annual house maintenance, that can make all of the difference.

House Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining your home means doing all the little things that make your house a place that you can live the life of your dreams. Keeping on top of your house maintenance will not only save you time and money.

Your home is your castle and the most significant investment you will ever make, so taking care of your assets is essential.

Breaking your jobs into seasonal projects can help you not feel too overwhelmed and focus on getting all your tasks completed quickly and efficiently.

So, let’s take a look at how this could look at your seasonal maintenance plan:


This is the time of year to get your home winter ready, before the bad weather sets in and keeps you cosy in front of the fire.

Bleed your radiators and make sure your heating is working effectively.

Once the leaves have finished falling from the trees, clear your gutters again, to prevent any damp issues.

Review your home insurance and make any changes.

Insulate any external pipes and taps inside and out, to prevent them from bursting during the winter.

Make sure external security lights are working well.


Keep up to date with your home maintenance during the winter.

Check fences are stable and secure to prevent any damage during storms. 

Trim trees and shrubs and cover any delicate plants to protect them from harsh frosts.

Tie-down, any garden furniture and outdoor items, to prevent any damage in storms and snow.


Check your roof for any seasonal wear and tear, and remove any moss and plant life. Check chimney stacks are stable and repoint any loose mortar.

Take some time for gutter cleaning to keep these clear and free of leaves and moss, which can help make sure water does not seep into your walls and cause any damage.


As the weather improves in the summer months, you could give your garden furniture clean and polish.

Jet wash decking and patios, make sure that surfaces are not left slippery.

Wash summer bedding, like duvets and pillows you can airdry in the sun.

Check your boiler is serviced well maintained, as you’ll have your heating off.

Check seals around your bathroom and do some deep cleaning of your bathroom.

Do a deep clean of all your rooms and open windows and doors, getting a good air circulation around your home.

Here is a shortlist of monthly jobs to help your work through the year lighter:

Finally, repair as you go along.

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