Friday, October 9, 2020

Your Money Mindset: Changing It Forever


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If you have been doing your best to avoid debt but always find yourself falling into the trap of credit card bills and not understanding where your money goes, it's all about how your mindset is towards finances. But what is your money mindset and how can you understand it, and also change your money mindset?

What Is Your Money Mindset?

It is your set of beliefs or attitudes towards money. It will be the driving factor behind how you spend and save money. A healthy money mindset can be as simple as understanding the freedom to spend but also knowing when you have to avoid a purchase. Ultimately, it shapes the way you feel about debt. This is one of the fundamental tenets behind programs like the Debt to Success System, where many financial organizations thrive on individuals' lack of knowledge. And this is where our attitudes towards money can be traced. If we view it as a never-ending commodity, this is why we get into debt.

How Can You Understand Your Money Mindset?

They say that if you can fake it till you make it, this will cause you to succeed. A study was conducted of over 10,000 millionaires and 97% of them believed they could become millionaires and that they could control it. This is what mindset is! Because what you believe will drive your behavior. So if you start to incorporate a better financial mindset rather than viewing money as the millstone around your neck it can open you up in so many other areas of your life. But in order to shift your mindset, you have to put certain things in place.

How Can You Change Your Money Mindset?

There are significant approaches to changing your mindset when it comes to money. It's not just about the here and now. But you've got to think about how your attitude to money was formed. Think about when you were growing up and what your parents did with their money that you thought was sensible and what you thought you would do differently. You can also think about your retirement and what you want it to look like. When you start to dream about certain things you want in life this will help you to make those dreams of reality. But this means you have to put the stops in place. It isn't just about visualizing it but it's about figuring out what it takes to get to that point. When you have a dream of what you would like to purchase it's got to be tangible enough to motivate you. When you start to figure out what you want in life, you will then start to change your behavior and incorporate things into your life to make it a reality.

As a parent, we want to find ways to feel free from debt. And for all of the techniques out there, the most empowering one is changing your mindset. Once you learn how to have control over this, you will feel the difference in every area of your life, not just in terms of your finances.

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