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Motor Vehicle Accident: 3 Things You Should Not Say After an Accident

 Following a motor vehicle accident, you are more likely going to be shaken up, frazzled, and even confused. This will make it hard for you to make a logical decision and also think straight. Such a disruptive event can still make those involved in a car wreck to speak on things that they don’t have an idea can have a huge impact on their lives.


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If you end up saying the wrong thing after a car wreck, the chances are that you may jeopardize your right to compensation or damages. This is why you’ve got to know ahead of time what to do and what not to say following your accident.

Here are a few things to take into account. 

Never Admit That You Are at Fault

It is common for some drivers to begin making an apology immediately after an accident. While it may come naturally to some people, who often say, "I am sorry," there are others who may take it out of context. For instance, some drivers may consider your statement as an admission of guilt. You have to understand that admitting guilt is a serious matter if you end up in court.

Most of the drivers who believe they may have caused an accident ultimately end up finding that they were not. Even if you end up hitting another vehicle, you aren't sure whether the driver didn't have their headlight on, or they run through a red light.

Don’t Be in a Rush to Say Yes to a Settlement

If you happen to be involved in a motor vehicle accident where you are not at fault, there are chances that the at-fault driver’s insurance company may end up contacting you for settlement.  In most cases, the offer they give is usually a minimum of what your claim is worth. If you realize that the insurance company wants to settle the claim quickly, and you don't feel like it's in your best interest, don't accept it.

You probably may incur other unforeseen medical expenses as you continue to recover, like having to undergo a hearing test. It is, therefore, crucial that you contact an attorney for a fair settlement.

Avoid Giving an Official Statement

After a car wreck, witnesses and driver reports are primary records that are essential in a claim process. So, when preparing an official statement, you should do it with your attorney so that you don’t include what can be used against you. An experienced lawyer will still help you ensure that there’s nothing left out.

It is important to note that navigating your accident recovery process can be intimidating and complicated if you are dealing with significant property damage or healing from injuries.

Wrapping Up

Nobody intends to be in a car accident. It doesn’t just ruin your day and destroy your car, but an injury can impact you and your loved ones. While you may feel tempted to speak your mind at the scene of the accident, it’s best not to do so because it can work against you in case of a settlement

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