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Stress-Free Camping: It Is Possible


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Many of us like the idea of a camping trip for both financial and health-related reasons. A few nights in a tent is cheaper than a few nights in a hotel, and with opportunities for outdoor living, there are physical and mental health benefits. 

Well, concerning the latter, that's the theory. Camping can also be stressful, so we don't always experience the rest and relaxation we need when trying to escape the pressures of our regular lives at home. You will know this yourself if you have ever struggled to put up your tent or faced the problems associated with bugs and beasties. 

Thankfully, stress-free camping is a possibility, so check out the following tips and remind yourself of them before your next trip.

#1: Learn a few camping skills

Before you even think about packing your bags, it is important to learn a few camping skills in preparation. This is better than arriving at your site and grappling with problems that could threaten to ruin your holiday before it has even begun, so get yourself ready.

For starters, learn how to put up your tent. Practice in your garden beforehand or drive to a local field and have a go at putting it up. You will become an expert in no time!

Learn how to build a camping fire too, and perfect your cooking skills on your outdoor stove. These are just some of the basics you will need to know, so prepare yourself in advance as you will have an easier time of things on your camping trip if you do. 

#2: Create a packing list

You will be very annoyed if you discover you have forgotten something important when you're finally on site. Be it clothing for a sudden cold spell, your Bug Bam spray to fend off mosquitos, or any important first aid items in the event of an emergency, you will start to suffer from stress if you realize you have left some of these things behind. 

So, create a packing list before your trip, and tick off each item as you go to make sure you don't forget something vital. 

#3: Visit somewhere relaxing

If you truly want to relax, don't visit a place inundated with tourists. And don't visit a campsite that is located near sources of traffic noise. You might only get stressed out if you don't get the peace and quiet you require, especially if you aren't able to fully rest while you're away.

So, be diligent in your search for a good camping spot and try to find somewhere that is fairly remote. And be sure to find a place of scenic beauty, with opportunities for walking, fishing, nature watching, and other activities that will reduce the pent up stresses you may have been experiencing in your day-to-day life. 

#4: Focus on personal comfort

You don't have to 'rough it' just because you're camping. You can still use soft bedding to ensure a good night's sleep, and you can still bring comfortable chairs to lounge on while you're enjoying the sunshine. The right tent choice is important too, so make sure you have something that is well-insulated, durable, and big enough to accommodate yourself and the people sharing with you. You will start to stress if you don't have what you need to ensure full relaxation, so focus on these things, and bring any other item that is personal to your comfort needs.

Stress-free camping: It is possible! So, prepare for your trip in advance, and give yourself the opportunity to experience a Zen-like trip away.

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