Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Surprising Things That Can Make You Depressed

Feeling depressed but not sure why? A number of surprising things can affect our mood and could be contributing factors as to why you feel so down. Here are just some of the surprising things that can bring on depression
Poor sleep quality
A good amount of sleep is essential for our mental health. It’s during sleep that we store memories and replenish brain cells – if you don’t complete a full 7-hour sleep cycle each night, you’re likely to feel irritable and unfocused and your brain won’t be able to cope with stress as easily. This can sink many people into depression.
Poor gut health
Our gut is responsible for producing 95% of our serotonin – the hormone that makes us feel happy. If you’ve got gut problems, it could affect your ability to produce this happy hormone leading to a greater risk of depression. There are lots of types of digestive diseases, many of which can be treated. If you’re experiencing gut problems, don’t ignore these problems – both for the sake of your body and your mind.
Thyroid disease
Our thyroid is a gland in our neck. One of its purposes is to regulate serotonin levels – if the thyroid is damaged, you could find yourself unable to get that serotonin kick. The symptoms of thyroid disease include tiredness, sensitivity to cold, weight gain and constipation. It can often be treated.
A cluttered bedroom
Clutter can make us feel anxious and overwhelmed. Our brains like a sense of order, and clutter can tell our brains that we’ve still got lots to do. The worst place for clutter to accumulate is the bedroom, as this can also prevent us from getting to sleep as easily. There have been studies between a cluttered home and depression. By taking the time to declutter, you could improve your mood.
Too much social media
Too much social media can also make many of us depressed. While it can be a way to connect with friends and loved ones, it often only shows us the fun things happening in other people’s lives, which can create a sense of inadequacy and feelings of FOMO (fear of missing out). By limiting social media use, you could reduce the risk of becoming depressed.
Reaching the end of a series
When a series that we love comes to an end, it can often leave a sense of emptiness that for some people can be equal to losing a friend or loved one. Studies have shown that we invest so much time in the characters and the world of these series that they become a part of our reality. If you’re nearing the finale of a TV or movie series, make sure you have things to look forward to after.
Birth control pills
An unfortunate side effect to birth control pills for many women can be an altered mood, which can lead to depression. In fact, some women can sink into such a low that they end up having to stop taking contraceptive pills altogether. It’s important to note that this is not a symptom that everyone experiences. With so many different pills out there, it’s also worth trying different options if one type of pill does make you feel depressed.

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