Sunday, June 21, 2020

Reasons Christmas In July Is Awesome

It’s almost time for Christmas in July. The chances are you may have seen some ads already talking about Christmas in July, and some of the sales and promotions can be pretty great. But you don’t have to put up trees and deck the halls with beautiful baubles and sparkles – unless you really want to.

Christmas in July is a little bit genius. Often between Christmas and New Year’s, that isn’t all that much to look forward to. And there are only six months to go before the holiday season really gets into full swing. So actually for people who want to make sure that they save money, and have all the gifts that they want to get well in advance. Christmas in July is actually perfect.

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Here is how you can turn Christmas in July into a debt-free holiday season.


No one in the height of July and August in most countries is even considering putting on a sweater. They don’t want to wear thick socks, and they certainly don’t want to wear hats either. Which makes it an ideal time to buy those things. Because they will be incredibly cheap up until October, and then they will go back to the ‘normal’ price. The same way that January sells a range of summer clothing. 

But it’s not just clothes, you can get Christmas scented candles, Christmas baking trays, even decorations. Spend some time online, and you can find almost anything you need for the Christmas season.


Almost everyone will start cleaning their homes, neatening and tidying up things as we come into spring and summer. This means it is the ideal time for you to do the same. Instead of waiting until it’s almost Christmas and having to try to make room for trees and decorations, you can start by decluttering things that you honestly don’t need in the home anymore. You can also use the money from the sales to put towards your off-season purchases.

This means for the festive season rolls around you will already be well ahead of the curve, with space and presents all ready. 

Christmas Savings

Take Christmas in July as your time to start saving. Ensure that you put a few dollars, or pounds aside every week. As well as indulging in some off-season clothing, and decluttering and selling goods that you don’t need. 

You can make the most of a savings account once December hits. For example, you can buy all of your fresh food for Christmas in one go, and you already have all of your presents under control.

And who doesn’t really enjoy a roast dinner any time of the year? You can use July as a month to have some delicious food that you would usually only have during the festive season. Make mince pies and Christmas cookies. Without you might have to wait till later in the evening to eat it if you live somewhere that's quite hot. 

Oh and remember to buy your ugly Christmas jumpers ready for December!

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