Saturday, May 16, 2020

Summer 2020 Reading List (plus more) by The Kerrie Show Blog

Yes, friends, family, fans and freaky fast readers, it's that time again, and I don't know about you, but I'm excited to get crackin' on The Kerrie Show Blog's Summer 2020 Reading List!

Not sure what your part of the world looks like right now, but our library system here in the middle of America is a little bit still on lockdown and has been for a coupla months. That means I've been digging out some buried books from my closet as well as ordering some new ones from eBay … and then sitting by the mailbox in a chair waiting for them to arrive. My husband thinks I have a problem but, hey, when I'm reading I'm out of HIS hair, right?!

Conversely, find me on Goodreads and let's connect so you can see what I'm reading and I can see what you recommend! And here is the 2020 Summer Reading List!

I have to admit I already started this one. I get bored with it, then something perks me up and makes perfect sense. I read it to Sam the other night and it made him sleepy. He's 10. Anyway, my goal is to get unstuck from a whole lot of writing projects as homeschooling slows down and summer hits my household full force.

I think I picked this one up at church and never read it. It's pretty thin but I'm hoping it packs a helpful punch.

LOVE Shirley Jackson. Watched The Haunting of Hill House series a while back based on her novel, then recently read a short story by her called Charles to my 12-year-old daughter and we laughed and laughed. Our ex-neighbor recommended the story The Lottery, so I said why not get even more stories by her? (I'm wondering already if Suzanne Collins got the idea for the Hunger Games series from The Lottery)

I like my husband. I love my husband. I should be praying for him with more specific intentions.

This will just be a guilty pleasure read, I'm guessing. (started May 11, finished _______)

I like my kids. I love my kids. I'm gonna pray for them with more specific intentions.

I kinda feel like I have to read this one since we moved to a city called Peculiar, MO. My kids don't normally like this kind of dark stuff, so I'm doing a pre-reading for them. I like that there are more books after it.

Been meaning/needing to read this one for years. 

I love me some vintage times. When the kids are all moved out, Aron and I plan to burn all our current furniture (except for the items he made himself) and buy up all the mid-century modern we can get our grubby hands on!

My friend Ginette mentioned this once and I thought it sounded like a good thing to check out.

I got this one years ago with a Half Price Books gift card from my dad and stepmom, but I never read it. Loved his earlier stuff when I was in my 20s. Hope I also love this one.

Pretty sure I proofread this for one of my very first clients on Fiverr like 7 years ago. Full of good info.

This is one of my favorite authors, or she used to be anyway. Haven't read her work in a long time. Loved The Handmaid's Tale … haunting (check out the slow taking of power from the women and the people over time). Read The Robber Bride to Aron when we were first dating (poor guy). Got my daughter Callie's name from The Blind Assassin in 2000. Hoping to fall deeply in love with this book.

If none of these float your boat or you flew through them and need more ideas, check out the 2020 Summer Reading List by Sarah's Bookshelves here.

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