Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Daydreaming Of A Holiday? Secure Your Home First!

As the summer months draw ever-nearer, you’re probably daydreaming about your holiday already. You can just imagine the hot sun beating off your face, your skin glowing with a fresh tan and the fresh taste of a cocktail by the pool. But wait, don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Holidays can be ruined even after they have finished. Coming home to a ransacked house is the stuff of nightmares. You can only rely on your neighbors to do so much. Protecting your home is something that requires a lot of thought and effort that is pinpointed instead of spread around.

Update your locks

Do you trust your locks? Just like any other industry, the home protection industry is always evolving. Designs that have stood the test of time are still being improved to stay one step ahead of burglars. You should update your 3 level lock to a 5 level lock using locksmith Toronto if you haven’t already. A 3 lever lock is more secure and offers more strength against techniques that push the locking block into the door frame. However, this strength usually comes at a price. It's better to also have a metal frame for the lock to reside in as it's own strength can be used to push through the wood. 

Electro-mechanical locks are usually made for industrial doors. This is because they provide a lot of protection due to heavier and stronger materials being used as well as a constant electrical resistance in the lock’s rotation. This is a lock that should only be used for the entrance doors as they will require either a key to remaining in the lock or a digit code to be used. 

Sense and report

You will be away from home for a few weeks or so and your neighbors will continue on with their lives. So, even if they were watching your house for you, they would only be doing so for an hour or so in the morning and the hours remaining from when they get home to when they go to bed. Hence why a home security system that remains ever-watchful of your home is really the gold standard. An expert will come around to your home and fit outdoor cameras that can not only sense movement but report abnormal behavior. Modern security cameras can lock onto faces but also judge height and weight. Therefore the camera will not raise alarm over a fox or cat in your back garden but an adult human is more suspicious.

Clear vision

Although we are in spring, it's best if you clear up your garden as much as you can, so your home is clearly visible. This means, cutting away any loose branches on a tree in your garden. Cut your hedge down to chest or waist height so any passerby may see who is in your home. It's best to leave your curtains undrawn so this is done much easier.

Before you pack your bags and start grinning from ear to ear thinking of the things you’re going to do on your holiday, take all of these precautions into serious consideration. 

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