Wednesday, April 22, 2020

3 Amazing Benefits Of Homeschooling Your Children

Recently, I published an article on homeschooling during COVID-19. It contains lots of information on what you can do to teach your kids while they’re stuck at home. However, I realized that a lot of people are experiencing homeschooling for the first time. As such, you may start to wonder if this has a future for you even when schools open again. You might have already started seeing a few benefits compared to the school teaching system. 

Well, the truth is that homeschooling can be extremely good for your kids. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you’ll carry on after this pandemic, then here are a few of the advantages you will see: 

Control over the teaching methods

A drawback of the schooling system is that you have absolutely no control over how your kids are taught. Teachers within schools have their own methods, and while some schools may call upon the latest teaching technology, others are stuck in the past. This is a problem as the way your kids are taught will determine how engaged they are. If the methods don’t suit their specific learning style, then they’re missing out. When you teach at home, you control the methods at play. This allows you to tailor lessons to your child based on their learning style. As a result, they’ll get far more out of your teaching than they would at school.

Dedicated attention

Similarly, homeschooling puts your child in a unique position where they are the center of attention. Granted, if you have multiple kids, then you’ll have to distribute your attention across all of them. Still, there will always be way fewer kids at home than in a school. Some school classes are big and have around 30 students in. How will your child get the attention they need in a class that big!? It’s impossible, but you can provide as much attention as they need all the time. This means you can pick up on things they’re struggling with and make them feel more supported. Again, this can help them flourish. 

A more flexible approach to lessons

Most kids struggle with the strictness of school. It’s incredibly hard to concentrate for an hour at a time, only to move on to another lesson after that hour. This is why kids look forward to recess all the time. In effect, they’re constantly subdued and distracted when they’re supposed to be studying. Homeschooling puts you in charge of the schedule, meaning you can take a more flexible approach. This means shorter periods of learning, more breaks, and a schedule that appeals to your child. In turn, this can help your child concentrate for longer and stay focused on their work. 

All in all, homeschooling puts you in a position to take control of your child’s education. Instead of putting them through a system that takes a very general approach to teaching, you can create a school program that’s specifically designed for your child. It will bring out their strengths and allow them to truly reach their potential.

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