Friday, March 20, 2020

How Engaged Should You Be In Your Child's Early Education?

It might seem like a silly question, and you may immediately respond with “as much as physically possible.” However, the truth is that a lot of parents rightfully worry about hovering over their kids and getting in the way of their development. As such, we’re going to look at ways that you should definitely be involved, so if you’re doing the below, you don’t need to feel guilty about it.

Building a strong routine
The school day is a big part of your child’s day, but a lot of kids have trouble getting used to the routine of going to school in the morning, meaning they can restless, antsy, and not paying attention. The single best way to make sure that they are ready for school is with healthy morning and nighttime routines.

Helping with homework
If your child comes back with homework, it’s important to fit that in the schedule by dedicating specific time for homework. It’s even better if you have a homework station, such as a desk, where they can do it without too much distraction. There’s nothing wrong with helping them do their homework, either, but it’s important you try to not simply give them the answers. Instead, try to teach them the methods of answer certain questions.

Supporting their learning
If you want to raise your child in a way that supports what they’re going to learn in school, thus helping them get to grips with what they’re going to be learning, then you need to learn what they’re going to be learning. You can look at their preschool curricula, see what’s being covered, and give them a little headstart at home. For instance, learning basic skills like letters, numbers, and how to hold a pencil are all going to benefit them in their education later.

Supplementing their education
Once your child is in education, you might not want to focus on what is covered in school as much. In fact, you might want to cover what’s not being covered in academia. Look for skills and ways to expand their curiosity and creativity that aren’t being covered by the school as well as they need to be. It’s okay that a parent supplements their child’s education outside of school. Education isn’t supposed to be kept solely in the classroom.

Conferencing with teachers
Of course, it’s important to know how your child is doing. Talk with their teachers regularly about what milestones they are covering, how they seem to be coping emotionally, and see if they have any more specific tips on how you can guide their learning from home. A good education is the product of an engaged teacher, an engaged child, and an engaged parent. If one of those is missing, it can become a problem.

It’s important to make sure you don’t stand on your kid’s toes during their education. If you’re doing their homework for them then, yes, you have officially gone too far. Otherwise, if you’re doing the above, you’re on the right track.

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