Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Protecting Yourself and Your Family from Accidents in the Home

While domestic accidents are not an everyday occurrence for every family, they can easily happen due to carelessness. Luckily, being precautious can prevent accidents occurring to those who are most vulnerable, including children, disabled individuals and the elderly.

Electrical Safety
Our homes are our safe haven but can also unfortunately be a place where accidents can occur. While serious accidents and fatalities are uncommon, it is always important to consider the dangers and actively try to prevent them. Ensure that your wiring installation in your house is checked for safety every five years at minimum, replace worn or damaged appliances, and never overload electrical circuits.

Prevent Slips
While it may seem unlikely, slips and falls in the home can be hazardous. To reduce the risk,  mop up water that has been spilt on hard floor, and always ensure that pathways and stairways are clear of toys or clutter. This is also a useful step to take in preparation for potential emergencies such as fires and extreme weather where you need to escape quickly. 

Car Safety
It’s well known that car accidents can be devastating, and you may need a car accident lawyer to take legal action. Howr, it’s reassuring to know that you can take multiple steps to prevent any accidents. It’s important not to neglect the golden rule of buckling up, ensure your children have done the same if they are able to do so themselves, and to use a child safety seat for younger children.  Keeping your car maintained is equally as important in the prevention of car accidents. Most crucially, never drive while under the influence or allow someone to.

Safety in the Kitchen
Kitchens can pose a large threat to younger children if it is not made safe. To make your kitchen an area that is out of harm’s way, ensure that sharp tools such as kitchen knives are kept out of arm’s reach of children, such as in higher drawers. Similarly, keep medication and dangerous liquids such as bleach in a high place, or consider purchasing a container which you can lock and keep your potentially hazardous items secure. To prevent burns, always keep the handles of your cooking pans facing away from you so they can’t be easily grasped by children.

Safeguard the Risk of Fires
Fires can destroy your personal belongings, cause damage to your home, and can also be lethal. There are several leading reasons for fires, but also several measures that can be put in place to prevent them from occurring in your home. Ensure that candles, portable heaters, matches, lighters are always monitored around children, and kept away from flammable liquids and items in the home such as furniture and curtains. Be watchful of cooking pans, and never leave them unattended or overheating. You can greatly reduce the risk of a fire by installing a smoke detector ideally on each floor of your home. Additionally, if you have fire doors, check that they are shut at night, and that exits inside your house are not blocked in case you need to get out quickly.

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