Monday, February 24, 2020

Independence As You Age: What You Should Know

Getting older can mean a lot of things - it can mean becoming wiser and more content with what you have, but it can also mean losing independence in some cases. If you’re worried about getting older and losing your independence, this guide will help you. 

  1. Stay Active 
Start by staying active - start now, right where you are. The earlier you start to take care of your body by exercising, the better. You’ll not only live a longer life, you’ll enjoy many other benefits. You’ll improve your posture, improve your mental health, and be able to stay mobile for longer. Those who exercise tend to experience fewer problems getting around later on in life. How can you stay active now? Start walking more, then consider adding in an exercise, like swimming. You don’t need to be hardcore to experience the benefits of exercise. Just make sure you enjoy it! 

  1. Keep Your Brain Stimulated 
It’s important to keep your brain stimulated as well as your body. Do crosswords, do puzzles, and find other things you enjoy. Read, and make sure you keep your mind active in as many ways as possible. Certain games may be able to help. Get into the habit of doing a few things that are good for your brain every day. You want to keep your focus and memory as sharp as possible. 

  1. Accept Help When You Need It 
You can’t be too proud to accept help when you get older. Sometimes, you will need it. Learn to accept it when you need it now. Even get used to asking for it! Most people you know will be more than happy to help you if you ask them for help. Whether it’s help babysitting or pet sitting, or even help clearing out your junk, make sure you ask. One day, you may need to look for an at home caregiver so you can keep up your quality of life. There is absolutely no shame in needing help from time to time. 

  1. Use Technology 
You may not consider yourself somebody who is up to date with technology, but getting used to it will mean being able to stay in touch with those you love better. Get used to Skyping them, sending texts, and other means of staying in touch. It’ll really help - especially when you have grandchildren who love texting! 

  1. Search For New Hobbies
Never be afraid to try something new. Age is not a good reason to avoid trying new things. You can continue to learn and grow until the day you die. Try something you’ve always wanted to try. Go to a life drawing or craft class. Try something wacky you never even knew existed! 

  1. Aim To Meet New People 
Meeting new people will ensure you stay social as you get older, as loneliness can be a real problem. Go to coffee mornings, even smile at strangers. Try to stay in touch with people that mean a lot to you - don’t get into the mindset that nobody cares. Everybody has their own stuff going on, but keeping in touch is important. Make an effort!