Thursday, January 30, 2020

The Smartest Things to Pack in Your Hand Luggage

If you are planning a business trip or a vacation anytime soon, then it can be hard to decide what kind of luggage you need to take. Do you only need to think about hand luggage, or will you really need to have a checked bag? But if you only take hand luggage, how do you pack everything that you need but still abide by the hand luggage rules, like liquids under 100ml and so on? Planning ahead is a must, so that you can have a happier trip and manage to take all that you need. Here are some things to think about and ideas of what to pack.

  • Reusable water bottle: as we know, the liquids that you take in your hand luggage need to be under a certain amount. But if you don’t want to buy a lot of plastic bottles once you have gotten through security, then take a reusable water bottle with you. You can then drink up before you head through the security gates, and then refill from a tap once you get through security. Then you’ll have it with you on your travels, so there will be no going thirsty.

  • Toiletries: it is handy to have some toiletries with you in your hand luggage, even if you have some checked bags with you. You could pack some toothpaste if you are going on a long-haul flight, or just like to freshen up after you have eaten something. If you are someone who is an anxious traveler, then it could be a good idea to pack a CBD 1000mg size, so that it adheres to your hand luggage rules, then you can take some drops as and when it is needed. Other good toiletries to have are face wipes and lip balm; they can go a long way to help you feel refreshed on your travels.

  • Phone charger: if you are traveling, then it is a great idea to make sure that you have your phone charger with you. You might want to check your car rental details once you’re at your destination, call someone to pick you up from the airport, or use the GPS on your phone to find where you need to be. So make sure that you have your charger with you and then it can help in a number of ways. The same thing goes for tablets and laptops, make sure that you have your chargers!

  • Clothing for your destination: you might be heading to somewhere warm, but where you have just left from is cold. So having a change of clothing for when you arrive at your destination is a great idea. Likewise, if you are heading somewhere cold from somewhere warm, having some layers with you that you can throw on once you have arrived at your destination. Airplanes can be a little chilly too, so make sure you have a hoodie or a cardigan, as well as some socks, if you are someone who feels the cold easily. 

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