Monday, January 13, 2020

11 Things You Don't Need to go on a Walk

I don’t need any special equipment to walk. Just me.

(1) No special shoes that cost a fortune, (2) no special clothes that cost a fortune and
"wick moisture away from your body." Nothing expensive or mandatory.

(3) I don’t need my phone. I don’t need (4) music or a (5) podcast or the (6) Notes app for journaling.

I don’t need (7) an audiobook. I don’t need a (8) person to call or a (9) someone to text or (10) social
media to check or even (11) a friend next to me.

I just need the sounds of nature and appreciation of it and I can think and pray and just be grateful
and happy. I’m doing something good for my body and soul when I walk.

So when you really just feel like going to sleep or arguing with someone on social media or eating, head out for a walk. Make it a new tradition during holiday get-togethers like some families already do. Burn calories, feed your soul, chat with a family member, enjoy the day.

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