Thursday, January 23, 2020

10 Reasons to Try Fishing

Some people went fishing with their parents or friends when they were kids. They begged to be taken along on fishing trips and loved more than learning the skills from their parents or grandparents. These fishing trips were a treat, a chance to hang out with the grownups. But, most of us never did. If your parents didn’t fish, it might not be something that you ever thought about. 

Unfortunately, fishing is one of those hobbies that often gets passed down through families. If you went fishing with your parents, you might now fish as a hobby or even take your own children out to catch fish. If not, it might not be something that you’ve ever done, or even thought about. You might have no desire to even try. You should rethink this, however. Fishing can be an enjoyable hobby which has many advantages. Here’s a look at ten of them. 

It’s Relaxing

Modern life is so busy and stressful. Fishing is the opposite. Most hobby fishers will tell you that the fishing is more important than the catching as they enjoy relaxing time out on their own. 

Fishing is a Great Way to See More of the World

Once you’ve got necessary supplies from Tailored Tackle, you can fish anywhere. Anglers don’t tend to stick to one spot (although they might have favorites), instead, they move around. They fish rivers and lakes near home and travel further afield. They might even try ice and sea fishing, or take their hobby to different countries. Fishing is an excellent hobby if you are looking for an excuse to see more of the world. 

It Can Be Good Exercise

Fishing is probably more exercise than you’d imagine. Lifting heavy fish challenges your muscles, and even sitting holding a rod pushes your body in a way that it’s not used to. You’ll have to walk to get to your spot, and if you get a big bite, there might even be some cardio work bringing it in. 

You’ll Get More Fresh Air

Fresh air has so many health benefits and a days fishing is a great way to get more of it than you usually do. 

Fishing Can Be a Great Bonding Activity

Fishing can be solo, but it doesn’t have to be. Going out with a friend or family member is a great way to spend quality time together away from all other distractions. 

Increased Patience

If you are the kind of person that needs results quickly, fishing might be a challenge, but it can be good for you. Fishing forces you to be patient, which is a skill we could all use in day to day life. 

It Could Make You a Better Person

Spending time out in nature is good for you. It makes you realize how small you are and become more appreciative of the world around you. 

Increased Vitamin D

Being outside more doesn’t just give you access to unlimited fresh air; it can also increase your vitamin D intake

Fishing Boosts Your Concentration

Our concentration spans are worse than ever. We’re so used to the world moving quickly. Fishing is slow. It can improve your concentration and help you to focus in other areas of life. 

Time for a Digital Detox

Getting away from your phone for a few hours is never a bad thing and fishing forces you to do it. 

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