Tuesday, October 1, 2019

How To Sleep Better At Night

There are a few things you are required to do if you want to get a good night sleep beside, sleeping at the right time. If you are having problems sleeping, then you might want to try these five tips to help you get quality and consistent sleep each night. Moreover, if you struggle each night to get a good night sleep and no longer interested in doing the things you like then you might be suffering from more than just a sleeping problem.

You can try and find out whether you are suffering from sleep apnea which affects more than 1 in 6 women and 1 in 3 men. Sleep apnea usually affects people aged between 30 and 70. You can consult a health specialist about being tested for sleep apnea. The test can be conducted in your home or in a medical facility that has a sleep lab.

Make sure you have enough time to sleep. Most people forget that sleeping is also important as exercise and good diet. That is why you need to make sure that you have enough time to rest. That means make sure that you sleep for at least 7 hours or 8. School-aged pupils are recommended to sleep for 10 hours, while pre-school aged children are advised to sleep for 11 hours or 12. Teens should sleep for 9 hours or 10.

Make it a habit of creating consistent sleep. It is easier for human beings to succeed when they are following a routine. The same care applies when it comes to sleeping. It will be easier for you to fall asleep when you are consistent with your sleeping routine. That is getting in bed on time and waking up after sleeping for seven or eight hours.

Make sure you have a comfortable environment to sleep in. The only way you can get consistent sleep is by sleeping in a comfortable and quiet environment. Therefore, make sure that you have comfortable pillows as well as a bed so that it can be easy for you to fall asleep. If you need a new mattress, don’t put it off, take a look at American Freight mattress reviews. Get rid of anything that may distract you while trying to sleep and make sure the room is cool.

Turn the lights off when you sleep. Light can easily distract you when trying to sleep. That is why you should switch off all the lights before you get into bed. Also, switch off other elements that produce light such as television and self-phones. Moreover, gives you self time to relax and rest your mind before bedtime. This will help your body and brain to relax making it easy for you to fall asleep.

Take advantage of sleep technology. With advanced technology, various gadgets have been introduced to help people improve their sleep. A good example of such technology is the S+, which is the first non-contact sleep sensor in the world. The brand behind this great technology is ResMed.

With this new technology, you can now use your smartphone as well as a web-based app and bedside sleep monitor to understand your sleeping cycle. The app then gives you results inform of suggestions and personalized feedback on what you need to do to get a good night sleep.