Friday, August 23, 2019

Make Your Homeschooling Workspace More Inviting for the Kids

While summer break is in full swing and you are giving the kids a little time off from their homeschooling studies, now can be the perfect time to take a look at your set-up with a critical eye. There is a lot that goes into homeschooling, and making sure that your kids not only follow along with the work but also excel - and part of that is the environment in which you plan to teach them. If the teaching and studying space in your home feels lackluster and uninspiring to you, then you can bet the kids are feeling the exact same way.

Here we’ll take a look at how you can give your school space a makeover, making it a whole lot more engaging for kids to be in.

Let in the Natural Light

One of the best ways to inject some energy, creativity, and focus into your kids is to make sure their workspace has as much natural light as possible. It could be as simple as opening up the drapes, or it may involve reconfiguring where their workspace is. If natural light just isn’t going to happen, then you need to be sure their space is well-lit with artificial light.

Provide Ample Storage and Work Space

Another thing to consider is the clutter that can accumulate and make the space feel completely disorganized. This can have a negative impact on kids, and even make them feel overwhelmed as they sit down to start their day. Your teaching area should have ample storage and workspace.

Upgrade the Seating

Unlike in a real school, when you’re teaching your kids at home you have input into their desk set-up and the chair that they are sitting in. Here's the thing, lower back pain can happen to anyone of any age, and if your kids are shifting from side to side and having a hard time staying still, it will affect their focus and productivity. It may be time to upgrade their seating.

Give the Space a Fresh Coat of Paint

Then there is the actual look of the space. A great way to chase away the dull look is to give it a fresh new coat of paint, one that is fun, exciting, and engaging to look at.

How to Pay for the Makeover

If you’ve been reading over these tips and think they sound good, but you don’t have the extra cash lying around at the moment, then you’ve got a few options. You can always use your credit card if you plan on paying it back relatively quickly, as you don’t want to get stuck paying a fortune in interest. Your other option is to look into a small short-term loan through a provider like These loans are meant to provide you with between $100-$2500. The idea is that you can pay them back over a few days, weeks, or months if necessary. They can be perfect for a small renovation project.

Go Ahead and Tackle that School Space

So now that you’re armed with ideas, and a way to pay for the renovation, it’s time to tackle that school space and give it a makeover.

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