Friday, June 14, 2019

What Do You Do If You Can’t Cope With Being A Parent Anymore?

While our children are the most important thing in our lives, there can be so many underlying anxieties associated with prioritizing our children in this manner. It's something that we've all got to give consideration to, especially when we've been awake for what seems like days! And these days turn into months, which can turn into years. What happens when if we feel that, for even 30 minutes, that were not able to cope with being a parent? And what happens if this compounds down the years?
Breaking The Routine
We've all been there, that we have a routine of getting the kids up, getting ready for school, and everything else, and it seems then that we are forever focused on our children, and never ourselves. But it's this that can lead to issues like high-functioning depression. It might have actually got to the point that we're going so fast that we don't notice our emotions. What we have to do in these instances is to learn how to break the routine. Usually, someone will tell you that you need a break, but if you are on autopilot, you've got to realize at what point that you have been continually neglecting your needs. Break the routine, do something different, and make sure it's for yourself.
What Is Underneath It?
Sometimes there's an underlying health issue, and sometimes it can result in self-medicating. Sometimes we think that we've just got to cope because there's no other choice. But if you find yourself self-medicating, or there is an underlying health or mental health problem, you've got to address this. After all, if you can function at your best, this means you will look after your children better. There are many ways you can do this, you can go to rehab facility like the Lake Wellness Center, or you could go and seek professional help. Counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, or even hypnosis can provide a way for you to function at your best without feeling like you've just got to push through for the sake of everyone else.
Retraining Your Priorities
We all have our children as the priority in our lives. But we've got to make ourselves a priority as well. Self-care is essential. And if you're not looking after your health, how are you able to look after anybody else properly? That's not to say that you need to make yourself more important than your children, but make sure that you are giving the things that your body and mind need for you to function at your best. It's a very simple idea, but as every mother can attest, there is always a lack of time. This is why you have got to learn to function with the minimum of effort. There are plenty of resources out there; it's about finding the right one for you. You could take 10 minutes out of your day, even if you split into 10 one-minute practices, of understanding of what you require to function. This could be the morning coffee, or this could be barricading yourself away from your busy household. Whatever it is, learn to make yourself as important as your children.