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Seven Tips to Combat Single Loneliness

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Being single shouldn’t have to leave you feeling lonely. Whilst many singletons experience feelings of loneliness, there is no need for this. Finding yourself and being able to be happy on your own is extremely important. Your relationship status should not define who you are and your happiness- that comes down to you. Whether you have recently come out of a long-term relationship or you have been single for as long as you can remember, here are seven tips to help you combat single loneliness.

Find Happiness in Your Singlehood

If you are single and constantly looking for a partner or comparing yourself to friends and relatives, you are never going to be happy. Instead, you need to appreciate where you are now and look at the things you do have, rather than the ones you don’t. Enjoying the path that you are on will ensure you are happy. You won’t be single forever, so relish in this status for the time being. One way to get into appreciating your current status is to write down each morning one thing that you’re thankful for, or one person you are thankful for. This can instill a new mindset into you and leave you feeling happier from the minute you wake.

Get to Know You

Although you may have known yourself from the minute you were born, there is always more to discover. This is the perfect time to come to terms with who you are, so you can be truly content. Meditating is a great way to being at one with yourself and working on any negative thoughts you have of yourself is important too. Perhaps this is the perfect time to find a new skill or a new hobby.

Be in Love with Yourself First

The relationship you have with yourself is, without doubt, the most important relationship you will ever have. This means cultivating some self-compassion because until we truly love ourselves, we can never be 100% happy. There is no need to replace this love with a partner or else you will rely on them to make you happy. This also means having more acceptance of your body. Many people struggle with how they look and put themselves down. Whatever you don’t like about your body, now is the time for a change. Self-acceptance is key and without this, even when you do get into a relationship you may struggle to feel truly contented.

Take This Time to Do What You Want to Do

One of the best things about being single is you can do what you want. This means you have extra time to fill with anything you want. Make this time worth it and fill it with loved ones, hobbies, charity work, and church if you are religious. Many Christian women experience loneliness when single and this is something that should be addressed more often. As a Christian woman, it can be more difficult to find a relationship due to your religion, but you can use this time to help out with church activities, spend time with loved ones and volunteer. If you are a Christian woman suffering from loneliness or depression due to being single, find out more here.

Live with Others

Now is the perfect time to make friends and live with new people! Whether you choose this time to find the perfect housemate or you and a few friends decide to live together, being single brings you this opportunity that you may never get again. Living with others also gives you the option of less expensive rent and will help you to keep busy and distracted, meaning you have less time to think about being single. If you prefer living alone, this is fine too, but why not tackle your loneliness by getting a pet? Pets are well-known for combatting loneliness and keeping you busy. Check out this article for 8 tips for helping dogs and cats get along. We have two cats right now and are considering adding a dog to the family … this article was very informative!

Connect with Your Favorite People

Once you are in a relationship, you tend to spend a lot of your free time with your partner. Although this is never intentional, it is just a natural progression that occurs when you fall for someone. You should never spend every waking moment with a partner though, or this will cause feelings of loneliness and depression if you break up, as you have isolated yourself from friends and family. It is good to have a balance when in a relationship. If you have disconnected from people, now is your chance to reconnect with loved ones and surround yourself with them. Make an extra effort to make plans with friends and family or join a social club or group in which you can do so. Don’t forget that you can be your favorite person too! Some people prefer to spend time alone, so fill this time with activities you enjoy and relish in having some space for yourself. Even for those who prefer surrounding themselves with people, it is a good idea to have some solitude now and again.

Get into Dating

When you are ready to do so, get back into dating. The best time to do this is when you are happy in yourself and you are looking for a relationship because you would like one, rather than to combat your loneliness and find happiness. Sometimes on the path to true happiness, you may accidentally find a new love interest. Often, we find what we want when we stop looking. Ask friends to set you up on dates, attend speed dating events with friends or use dating sites. There are many dating apps out there, whether you are straight, gay or religious, you can find an app tailored to your preferences.

In the era we live in, people often put too much emphasis on relationships and dating. Whilst being in a relationship can make you happy, it shouldn’t be the only reason you are happy. Being single is the perfect time to discover who you are and learn to love yourself. It may sound cliché, but until you love yourself you can never be wholly happy.

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