Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Going To Miami? This Is The List For You

Party in the city where the heat is on
All night, on the beach till the break of dawn
"Welcome to Miami"
"Bienvenidos a Miami"

Yeah, pretty much everyone will have those lyrics in their head as soon as they hear the word Miami, but Will Smith had a great point. Miami is hot, fast-paced, and the place to go for those who love life. Of course, it isn’t all sea, sun, and sand. Miami is famed for its Art Deco architecture and the bright Wynwood. Plus the food is phenomenal.

So, let’s dive into a list of things to see and do when you’re in Miami!

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

Beach Side

Of course, spending time on the beach and in the water is a given. Why else would you be in such a beautiful coast place? For a really luxurious and indulgent - yet once in a lifetime experience rent a yacht in Miami and spend a few hours, or even the day listening to waves lap the side of the boat, and viewing the beach from afar.

Get Geeky

The Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a vast 250,000 square feet of fun science. Frost Planetarium, the North and West Wings which have year-round exhibits and the Aquarium. This place is about as state-of-the-art as you can get. And it is a far cry from your basic Aquarium, this beast holds a 500,000-gallon Gulf Stream that has some spectacular sea creatures. The Planetarium has sleepovers, and bi-weekly laser shows.


As it was mentioned in the opening paragraph, of course, it would be in the list. The Wynwood Brewing Company set off a chain reaction. More craft brewing companies popped up, and a citywide boom of tasty beverages happened. La Rubia, a flavourful blonde ale is stunning and so refreshing it’s not hard to see why it’s infamous.


Cocktails in the sky, luxurious and so much fun. This rooftop bar sits atop East, Miami, and it is home to a stunning 360 view. The cocktails are delicious and Asian-theme. It’s one for the lux side of life so dress your most dapper. It’s 40 floors up, and very secluded.

Lincoln Road

If you are in the mood to shop till you drop, have a coffee, and people watch, then shop some more then Lincoln Road. It was designed by Morris Lapidus in the 1950s and was called ‘The Fifth Avenue of the South,’ although now pretty much everyone refers to it as Lincoln. It is packed with cultural venues, coffee shops, and some gorgeous boutiques.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Gardens

One of Florida’s most stunning places. It is a substantial 83-acre garden, named after a renowned Miami resident and botanist David Fairchild. It’s a lush rainforest, with things like vistas, vine pergola, a sunken garden, and even a stream. If you have ever wanted to feel like a kid in Willy Wonka, then visit in January for the chocolate festival.

There is plenty to do in Miami no matter what you are in to, so what will your adventure look like?