Monday, December 3, 2018

How to Save Money on Wedding Presents

You don’t want to be that friend who shows up empty-handed on your best friend’s wedding day. However, you also don’t need and don’t have the fortune to spend buying him/her a perfect wedding present. You need to be smart and find ways to save money for wedding presents. And that is why we are here to help you.

Here are some of the best ways to save money without turning out cheap in the end.

Save on Your Attire

Don’t spend too much on wedding clothing such as mother of the bride dresses and bridesmaid dresses. By choosing cheap mother of the bride dresses and bridesmaid gowns, you are saving much more money for presents, travel arrangements, etc. There are beautiful dresses you can choose, but not to spend a fortune on them. Talk with your daughter and always start early, so there is time for changes, if necessary.

Don’t Buy Late

As soon as you hear that a couple is registered to some store, hit up that place or start shopping online. It will assure you not only perfect gifts, while they are still there, but also will save your money. If you wait and think too long, it can lead to overspending your money for the things you didn’t originally plan to spend on.

Choose Both Quantity and Quality

A perfect trick that can save your money and time is to buy one item from the registry and to choose the other one that is more personalized. Let the item from the registry be not overly expensive, and you will have enough money to buy something else that the newlyweds will surely like. For example, choose something from H&M Home, Anthropologie, or Zara Home.

Do Comparison-Shopping

Instead of looking for gifts only at the place where the couple has registered, try searching the web bit more. You can always do a little comparison-shopping. Try to find an item in the registered store and then find the similar one around, in other stores. That way, you can possibly discover something cheaper.

Ask If the Couple Needs Your Services

If you want to feel useful, and you have a talent for design, or you do web programming and development, offer your services to the couple. Ask them if there is something you can do for them - invitation cards, menus or a website. If you know how to edit videos, see if the couple is interested in a slideshow at their wedding reception.

Credit Card Reward Points

This way might not save you money, but you also don’t need to spend any cash. Check out if your credit card opts reward points can be beneficial now. You can redeem your points for the cash, and choose to buy something online.

Give a Group Present

If you are going to the wedding with other members of your family or friends, then talk with them about buying a group gift. You can choose something that is more expensive from the registry list or simply split gifts into a few smaller ones.

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