Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Pulling Women Together

Joining or starting a ministry for women can lead to encouragement for each other, as well as friendship and a show of love for the Lord. There are a few ideas to consider for a women's ministry that are full of energy while keeping the faith that women usually want to pass along to others. 
One of the things that you need to keep in mind is that all women aren't designed the same. There are some who are opinionated while others are quiet and reserved, waiting to follow the lead of someone else. 
There are different lifestyles. Women have different lives at home, some who have children, some who are dealing with abusive relationships, some who are facing challenges with getting pregnant or raising their children. 
You need to keep an open mind about the women who are involved in the ministry so that everyone can be successful while feeling like they have a place to call home. The knowledge that is given about the Lord can stretch far and wide if you pay attention to the intellects of the women involved in the ministry. If you only focus on helping the emotional desires and needs of the women, then you likely won't succeed in the ministry. It needs to be a ministry that seeks to grow the knowledge of each woman while focusing on each woman's strengths. 
While there are some women who are married and have a home life, there are also women who don't have this kind of life and focus more on a career. They might want to find a spouse and start a family, but they aren't ready at the moment and are happy with discovering who they are in the world. Consider a few community projects that everyone can get involved with while instilling the love of God in the women who are involved in the ministry.

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