Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Looking After Your Family? Here are a Few Ways to Earn Extra Money

Not all of us are able to get out of the house and have a traditional job. This, however, should not hold
you back from being productive and earning money. With the gig economy on the rise, there are plenty
of opportunities out there that will provide you with extra income, even a full-time salary, without having
to commit to full-time work and giving up your family life. No matter if you have young kids at home,
have a disability, or are looking after an elderly relative, you can still set up your own office at home or
take on tasks that will earn you some money. You may find that hiring an AdWords management company
will help out with your new business promotional efforts. Below you will find a few gigs you can get started with now.


To educate yourself and connect with others even when you spend most of your time at home, you
might want to take on blogging. It is not only entertaining, but can also be really rewarding, if you can
become a brand ambassador or an industry expert. You will get paid to review the latest products or
services, and even get free merchandise to try. Blogging can get you advertising income, and you can
even charge for sponsored posts or guest posts once you have built your follower base.


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You might think that editing is a low paid job, but if you achieve high level qualifications in copywriting
and editing, chances are that you are going to be able to earn some good money off it part time. You
can check out some sample income reports to find out how much you are able to make being a
freelance editor for a few companies and copywriting agencies. If you have always been good at
English grammar and writing, this might be your perfect job.

VA Jobs

Just because you are at home, you can still connect with people different ways. There are plenty of
companies looking for a virtual assistant who can deal with their customer service, accounting, and
other administrative tasks. If you decide that you will set up your own office and provide virtual services
at home, you can eventually become financially independent and set your working hours around your

Childcare at Home

Of course, you can also help other parents out who are working full time by offering childcare after
school. You can look around at your children’s school and offer to pick up other kids at the same time
as yours, take them home, and look after them until their parents pick them up. You don’t have to take
an extra journey or get out of the house, and your kids will have company after school as well. Looking
after a few more kids might not be that bad after all, not to mention that you get paid for it.

Helping Others Out

There are several ways you can help out other people in your community without having to go to work
in an office. You might get in touch with an agency that helps couples find a surrogate in your area and
connect them with people who want to help. Maybe you are a full time carer and would like to change
couples’ lives yourself. Alternatively, you can do the shopping for older people in your neighborhood at
the same time as you do your own family’s, and help them stay independent in their homes.

Baking Cakes for Events

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In case you are good at baking, you can turn your kitchen into a bakery and create cakes for birthdays.
You don’t need to advertise a lot, as you are likely to be recommended by friends, family members, as
well as your first customers. Establishing a bakery at home can be something you do in your spare
time, when there is demand, and you can earn some good money off your creations.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most challenging ways of earning money, depending on
your attitude. If you overcome the initial challenges and make sure that you invest in your
affiliate marketing training, you can succeed and develop your own marketing blueprint. You will need
a lot of patience and the willingness to learn, so you can compete with more seasoned marketers out

Just because you have to stay at home to look after family members, you can still build a career. Find
a side hustle that fits your lifestyle and matches your skills, and you are going to earn extra money and
improve yourself.

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