Thursday, September 20, 2018

How Influencers Help Businesses Retain and Gain

In marketing, trust is key. Without it, it is hard to develop brand loyalty. Businesses that are not trusted can come up with exceptional service or products, but still stay stagnant because there will be customer churn from time to time. For you to succeed in your business and minimize customer churn, you need to get to your customers in a way that will build long-term relations and inspire trust.

One of the best ways you can market your brand and retain customers is using other consumers to gain the trust of your consumer target market. People will be more likely to buy products when the people they admire say that they have had a good experience with the company’s product or service. This form of marketing is called influencer marketing. This form of marketing provides incentives to consumers to share the company’s information on behalf of the business.

Because influencers are consumers, your target market is likely to find the information more trustworthy. Influencer marketing can help you to grow your business and retain more customers in the following ways:

Improves your social media presence

To have effective marketing, you need to get to customers where they are. The fact is that you will find 81% of the U.S consumers on social media. When you establish a social media presence, you will have a better platform for being successful in modern marketing.

In most cases, many businesses have social media accounts, but they post content to reach their audiences. There are those who pay for sponsored ads, and they get their word out. But when you use an influencer to propagate your business information with details of your social media links, you will open the door for the vast network that an influencer has to learn more about your business and connect with your brand. Check out some ways for how to grow Instagram followers.

Builds customer loyalty

There are different ways in which you can engage with influencer marketing; there are companies that pay influencers directly in different markets; others offer incentives like freebies, discounts, or tickets to concerts for people who share marketing information on their social media, or through email, or in person.

Due to the nature of incentivizing influencers, companies reap a two-fold rise in customer loyalty. Influencers who have earned commissions, won prizes or been positively affected because of their experience with the product or service, tend to be more loyal to the brands they market. On the same spin, new customers who jump on the bandwagon to use the company's products through influencer marketing trust the influencer and this stretches to the brand. This will increase the likelihood that they will remain loyal once they are satisfied with the brand.

Expands your reach

An influencer is someone who is socially active and has many connections. Ideally, influencer marketing is done online, and this requires an influencer who has a large following on social media. An influencer’s reach may depend on the demography of social media networks they have.

Since personal relationships are what influencers use to develop their social media networks, or by sharing similar interests with others, they have an easier time to reach users than a business. For example, most businesses only have a few likes or friends on social media, because users are there to socialize and not make purchases. Now, this makes influencers have a broader reach which businesses use to tap to attract consumers.

Identifies relevant leads and markets

Influencers have connections because of shared interests and personal relationships. Moms, for instance, tend to have their own network on social media. As a result, influencers build niche markets. When you want to use influencer marketing, you can reach a specific niche, and this will generate leads.

Author Bio: Adrian Rubin is a freelance writer and climate change advocate.

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