Monday, July 9, 2018

Detergent for Workout Clothes

Working out is a popular and beneficial pastime. It doesn’t matter if you’re a keen runner, cyclist or simply like to lift weights in the gym. The truth is that you will sweat into your clothes. That’s why you have specific workout clothes; these clothes are meant to be sweat in and allow for active movement. While you can easily shower and change your clothes after a workout, your workout clothes face other issues:

The Smell
Sweating opens your pores and releases toxins, which generally cause a smell. This smell is then transferred to your workout clothes through your sweat. If you don’t wash them, you’ll notice the smell will linger.  Therefore, choosing a laundry detergent that will eliminate the odors of your workout clothing is important to getting your clothes looking and smelling like new.  You can opt for a major brand and run the risk of damage to your high performance gear, or opt for a specially formulated laundry detergent to do this, just make sure it fulfills issue 2 as well.

The Bacteria
Bacteria collects in the folds of your skin; such as your armpits. You can’t prevent this from happening. However, it is these bacteria which interact with your sweat to cause body odor; which is transferred to your workout clothes. Choosing a detergent that can kill the bacteria transferred to your clothing will ensure your clothes are getting as clean as possible, each time they are washed.

Using The Right Detergent for Your Workout Clothes
As mentioned, you need to choose a detergent which offers a pleasant aroma and can kill the bacteria on your clothes. The best option is actually those which uses natural techniques. The best way to wash your workout clothes is actually to turn them inside out. This gives the water and detergent the easiest access to the most affected areas. You should also limit the amount of detergent you use. Half your regular dose will suffice. This is one time when less is definitely more. If you use too much detergent your machine will not be able to rinse it all out. The result is the detergent stays in the clothes; giving them a slightly musty smell. In addition, the detergent that stays in your clothes could irritate you once you start sweating. It will certainly encourage the bacteria production over all of your workout clothes. While a good detergent is essential, it is also a good idea to add an odor-eliminating product to your wash. This will do exactly as it says; get rid of odors. Vinegar is good at this, but does create its own aroma that you may wish to avoid.

Dry Properly
It is also essential that your workout clothes are dried properly before you store them. Any dampness will attract bacteria and mold; making your clothes smell worse. The best way to dry any clothing is with low heat or air drying, as this ensures all moisture is gone. You can choose whichever detergent you like as long as you follow these simple rules to enjoy fresh smelling workout clothes.

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