Friday, April 6, 2018

Talkspace Provides an Affordable Therapy Option

People can have a host of medical problems, and they don't fear talking about them or sharing their condition with others. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case when it comes to the issue of mental health. Many don't feel comfortable sharing their problem with others, and they don't always feel like making an appointment and going to a therapist. There is still a stigma associated with seeking mental health assistance.


Others are not able to access mental health help due to cost barriers. The cost of a weekly session can exceed $150 a week, and health insurance may not cover everything. What is the option for those seeking help with a mental health concern?


Talkspace was created as a service to help those who needed to access help but who did not want to go to a set weekly appointment for whatever reason. Talkspace allows its users to access its services by means of a smartphone app. The services provided by Talkspace are completely confidential, and users may maintain their anonymity if they so wish. Talkspace utilizes licensed professionals to assist clients with their problems through online therapy.


The first step in utilizing the services on Talkspace is to sign up and choose a program on the website or through the mobile phone app. The basic plan that Talkspace has set up allows for unlimited messaging therapy for a set weekly price. This service allows the client to message back and forth with a therapist for 24 hours a day, seven days per week. The messaging is accessed through the user's private room on the website or app.


Before a user begins therapy, matching is done to make sure that the user has the right counselor to help meet his or her need. Once several questions are answered, the user is matched with a counselor, and messaging can begin.


This type of therapy is very useful for those who have an active lifestyle and don't have the opportunity to take an hour or more out of each week to attend an in-person therapy session. Also, those who prefer written communication will benefit from using Talkspace. The service allows the user to have the time to think about a response to the therapist. It offers a reflective time to understand the therapist's questions as well.


Those who use Talkspace might feel as if they will get stuck with a therapist that they are not comfortable with. This is not the case. A change can be made at any time.