Thursday, January 24, 2019

Finding Inspiration for Your Blog When You're in a Rut

Writing inspiration for your blog when you have run out of ideas; blogger writer's block!

Blogging is the chance to put your thoughts, your expertise, and your name out into the world. Blogs can become huge. They can become a career all onto their own. They can be used to draw in organic traffic to your online store, so that you can take your business to the next level. They can be used to draw in brands who want to work with you. They can do so much, but you need to be committed to it.

One of the ways that you need to be dedicated is to continue to create valuable, great content. You need to publish this content consistently, otherwise no matter the format, your blog will suffer. To help you stay inspired, and to help you keep generating new ideas for content, follow these tips:

Make a List of What You Have Done
Hitting that writer’s block can be a tough thing, especially if you started off so strong. That’s okay though. To get you out of this rut start by writing down all the blog posts that you have already written. Doing this alone might spark a few ideas about what is missing from your post collection. If not, that’s okay. This is useful to ensure that you don’t make repeat posts by mistake.

Read Blogs
There are no new ideas, only new takes on them. That’s why it’s absolutely okay to go through other blogs and see what their posts are about. You should never plagiarize, of course, but you can take inspiration. For instance, if there seems to be a challenge circulating around bloggers in your niche, you have a post to write!

Discuss Ideas with Friends, Family, or Co-Workers
Another way to come up with new content ideas is, of course, to talk about them. Get your friends, family, and, if you work for a company or own your own, your co-workers or employees. Brainstorm; come up with new ideas together.

Try New Things
Sometimes, writer’s block isn’t because you don’t have post ideas, but because you don’t know how to go about writing them. When that happens, you need to try new things. Go out and have new experiences that let your brain kick into overdrive. If you can’t get out of the house, that’s okay. New flavors are another way to stimulate your brain, so whether you try adding a new spice or new Mt Baker Vapor e liquid flavors is a great way to get the inspiration that you need.

Start Writing
If all else fails, just write. Good ideas will come just by forcing yourself to start, even if what you initially write is promptly deleted.

Creating consistently is a challenge at first, yes. The more you do it, however, the easier you will find it to be. Continue to use these tips to keep you inspired, so you can always have a list of ideas to pull from when it comes time to write another blog post, or to draft the storyboard for a new video, and so on. 

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