Sunday, December 10, 2017

Maximizing Family Time

Do you ever look at your life and think that you’ve got your priorities wrong? Do you wish you could spend more quality time together as a family? Check out these simple ideas for maximizing family time right now…

Start Saying No More

If you’re one of those people who just can’t say no, and that means that you’ve taken on way more responsibilities than you can really handle and maintain a healthy family life, you need to learn how to say no more. If helping out at the community center means you’ll miss dinner with your kids, say no; if doing an extra shift because someone is sick means missing your kid’s school play, say no. You’ll free up so much more time to be with your family when you say yes only to the things you really want to do.

Make Dinner Times Non-Negotiable

Even if it means you need to buy furniture so that you can all fit into the dining room comfortably, even if it means moving your appointments around, even if you experience resistance from one or more family members, make it known that barring an emergency, you expect everyone to be around the table to eat dinner time. Why? Because it’s the perfect time to relax, talk about each others’ day and just have the pleasure of being in the company of the ones you love the most.

Get the Family Involved

If you usually clean the kitchen or do the grocery run alone, although you might think that involving the kids will just make it take longer, ask them to help you out. Sure, it might take longer at first, especially if your kids are young, but it will ensure that the time you spend on chores and other busywork isn’t wasted — it’s also time you spend bonding with your children.

Get Rid of Time-Wasters

While we’re on the subject of chores, you probably have a lot of them, and other household issues that are basically a waste of time, which by reducing them, will buy you more time with your family. So, declutter your home and spend less time cleaning, hang a hook for your keys, so that you don’t waste so much time looking for them and switch the carpet for a much easier to clean wooden floor and you’ll have so much time for your family you’ll be looking for an escape.


If you have a job and it is one of the biggest factors in how little time you’re able to spend with your family, if it’s the right kind of job, ask your employer if they’d be willing to let you telecommute. By working from home, you cut out your commute, which obviously frees up some time, and if you’re able to work efficiently, you can finish up and be out playing with your kids instead of filling a chair just because you’re expected to, too.

I really hope some of these ideas help you to spend more time having fun and bonding with your kids and your spouse.

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