Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Reasons for Annoying Puppy Noises—and How to Deal with Them

A year ago I bought my girlfriend a puppy. It was supposed to be a gift that would bring us joy and fun—and it did.

But this particular puppy had a serious anxiety problem. Since we got him, he whined a lot for no apparent reason.

It drove me crazy!

Couples do fight over their dogs, and this was one of those times. The whining soon escalated to barking. Excessive barking!

So among very little peace and quiet, I decided to hit Google and do some research on what causes annoying puppy noises and what I can do to make them stop.

Here’s what I discovered.

Anxious Whining

The most common reason puppies whine is because they are anxious.

A lot of puppies get taken away from their mothers too soon. This leads to an ongoing anxiety that can last the dog’s entire lifetime.

If you suspect your puppy is anxious, you should ask yourself why that might be.
-          Is the puppy being hurt by some person or some pet in the house?
-          Was your puppy taken away from its mother too soon?
-          Does Your puppy need something? (Food, water, affection, etc.)
-          Are you home with your puppy often enough or is it feeling neglected?

There are several ways you can calm your puppy’s anxiety which we’ll discuss further down.

Excessive Barking

The first time any of my puppies barked I thought it was the cutest thing. But if that barking become excessing and uncontrollable, you could be set up with some problems down the line.

Deal with your puppy’s barking while it’s still young and your dog will learn when it is appropriate to bark.

Excited Whining

Puppies quickly learn your routine. They also learn when they can expect to be fed, walked or tucked into bed. Excited whining is also common in puppies when their owners come home after being out.

Some puppies can’t control their excitement and it soon turns to loud whining. This is another puppy sound that seems cute at first, but after a while it gets annoying.


Puppies who feel constricted or away from the fun will usually whine. This annoying puppy noise is a natural instinct that helps the puppy’s mother find it if it’s lost.

But puppies will also whine if they feel they are excluded from—what they see as—the pack. If your puppy is bored, it’s probably craving some attention, playtime or exercise.

Now let’s talk about what you can do to mitigate annoying puppy sounds. It will take some patience, but it will help you understand your puppy better and even bond with them on a new level.


One of the most important things your puppy needs from you is security. To them, you are their new mother or father. You need to take care of them, and they need to be felt taken care of.

Always make a point of reassuring your puppy when they show signs of anxiety through whining or barking. Let them know everything is okay. Give them a treat to reinforce that feeling of safety if you must.


I know we sometimes forget, but it’s important to go out and do stuff with our dogs. They’re cooped up all day, which must drive them as crazy as what barking drives us!

Taking your dog for regular walks or playing with them often will reduce anxiety and boredom in your puppy.

Positive Reinforcement

We’re quick to scold our dogs for misbehaving, but should remember to reward them when they’re being well behaved.

When your dog is quiet, reward it with a treat or a tummy rub. A few kind words will encourage your dog to continue in that behavior. 

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