Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How You and Your Family Can Take Care of the Family Pet

Having a pet in the family is a big responsibility, especially if they are ones that depend you a lot such as hamsters and rabbits. However, they are also a huge opportunity to teach your children about being responsible owners. They should be encouraged to help out when cleaning and feeding you pets because this will teach them a lot including respect for the animals.

Keep Regular Check-Ups with the Veterinarian
Unlike humans, many animals cannot tell you when they are ill, so it is important that you visit your veterinarian for regular check-ups. As well as checking their health, the vet can also administer and injections or vaccinations that your pet needs. Your vet will also monitor their weight to make sure that they are not getting too fat or too thin. It is also vital that you see your vet if there are any signs for concern with your pet.

Feeding the Correct Diet
It can be tempting, especially for dog owners, to give them some of your food. Doing this can be bad for your animal’s health as they need certain vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy. You will need to stick to this from the beginning or you will teach your pet that you will give them food. Once you start doing this, it can be an incredibly hard habit to break. There are many companies such as Betsy Farms that offer healthy treats for your dog, and there are other sites that cater to other animals. If your pet becomes too overweight, then they can suffer from other health issues that will need to be monitored.

Keep Your Home Pet Safe

If you have an animal that like to run around the house or garden, then you should make sure that your home is secure and safe for them to play. It isn’t just important to stop them getting out, it also prevents other animals coming in and attacking your pet. Make sure that fences are high enough to keep out animals and that there are no gaps in the fence. Patch up any small holes in the house that a small animal such as a hamster can explore. 

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