Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Give Flowers to Show Love, Respect and Caring

Flowers are usually a part of many special and meaningful events and occasions. They are often included in celebrations and ceremonies for death, birth, and the joining of two people. Depending on the type of flower and the color, their meanings can vary greatly. However, flowers are clearly a timeless and meaningful way to show love, respect, and caring.

The Wedding 
The flowers chosen to be for a wedding ceremony have many different meanings. Lily of the valley is a wedding flower that represents purity. Weddings flowers are symbolic of the sanctity of the joining union of two people. They are used to express this sentiment and play a prevalent part in the wedding ceremony. The bride carries these flowers down the aisle and after the ceremony, releases them into an audience of unmarried women, as if to wish them the same sacred union.

The Funeral 
Flowers at a funeral have a totally different meaning. They express the celebration of a life that has already passed. They also add grace and beauty to a sad occasion. Once again, the lily is a flower that is also used for funerals. It represents the restoration of purity to the deceased individual. The lily represents both majesty and purity, however, the stargazer lily represents sympathy. Depending on the type of ceremony or celebration, the meaning of many of the very same flowers changes to fit the occasion or situation. Florists are well aware of the different meaning that a particular flower may have for an occasion. This is why it's always a good idea to contact a Florist with Flowers that can be used in a wide variety of celebrations and ceremonies.

The flowers given in sickness are given for the express purpose of encouraging a speedy recovery. They are bright and cheerful, yet not highly fragranced. The lack of obtrusive fragrances acts as a way of showing both respect and encouragement toward the sick person. Highly fragranced flowers may be an irritation for someone who is struggling to recover from an illness. This is why get well flowers are often brightly covered to reflect a cheerful sentiment but usually have little or no scent. 

Flowers can convey a myriad of different meanings depending on the occasion, type, and color of the flower. Before you select a flower for a particular celebration or occasion, take a little time to ensure that the flower is appropriate for the ceremony or occasion. The flowers used in a wedding commonly convey love and purity, more often than not. The same flowers can be used in a funeral, but have a different meaning and purpose. Flowers at a funeral add beauty and grace to sensitive and sad moments and also act as a way of celebrating the life of the deceased. Just as get well flowers given to a sick person are given with the express intent to encourage a speedy recovery in a bright and cheerful manner. Flowers can represent many different feelings and intentions and should be given a certain amount of conscious thought as a result.

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